Welcome to the website of the Social Issues Committee (SIC). 

The Committee was established over 25 years ago to consider what Christian theology may have to say about social issues and matters of public policy. This article gives some idea of where we're coming from.

The Social Issues Committee is appointed by the Standing Committee of the Diocese. Terms of Reference of the Committee can be found here. The SIC works in partnership with other diocesan bodies such as Anglicare, the Anglican Education Commission, and the Religious Freedom Reference Group.

The current Chair, Dr Karin Sowada, was appointed in December 2014 and has served on the SIC since 1993. Previous Chairs were the late Canon Boak Jobbins OAM (< 1993 – 2001) and The Rev. Dr Andrew Cameron (2002 – 2014), now the Director of St Mark’s National Theological Centre in Canberra.

Over the years the SIC has been involved in many issues, including the development of evangelical Christian thinking on the environment, families, adoption law reform, disability policy, religious freedom, sexuality, labour law reform, climate change, poverty, aged policy and abortion. Importantly, the SIC has taken a leading role in many bio-ethics matters, including stem cell research, cloning, surrogacy and euthanasia.

This site is an archive of our writing from the past few years.

For a portal of resources on the current debate surrounding the redefinition of marriage, including tips for how to write to your local MP, click here.

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Stop the Traffik and participation in Freedom Sunday this year.