My Personal Experience: Psychotherapy for Mental Health Problems


“The only thing that is constant is Change” – Heraclitus, I read this quote in some newspaper a long time ago but was totally unable to spot its application in my life. I’ve never seen my parents talking politely with each other, as the only relationship between them was of yelling, disrespect, and accusations. After some time my parents got divorced, and I became a bouncing ball, unable to discriminate right from wrong. All these things seem to become a part of my personality. My body always seem stretched, never relaxed. I was going through intense depression and dismay and unable to feel any happiness. I was never social but after some time I totally became anti-social and felt confused, and totally unable to get into the conversation properly. Because of constant anxiety and stress, I was unable to actively participate in my daily chores that effected not only on my personality but also I was on the verge of losing my job. So, I decided to take some expert opinion and proper counselling from a psychiatrist. I certainly could not lose my job.

Commencement of my sessions with a psychiatrist was like a spot of a bright light that grew bigger and brighter with the passage of time. I spoke my heart out before him and tried to give honest and detailed answers to his questions. His counselling helped me a lot to clear things out. After studying my circumstances and my reactions towards a disturbing situation, he outlined ten basic signs that depicted my unhealthy mental condition. He helped me to overcome these signs with some easy solutions. I would like to share my experience, because in our age of hustle every one of us has to experience one of these symptoms, once in a while.

He pointed out following 10 signs of my personality that showed my weak mental condition.

1. Always being, anxious, worried, and stressed out
2. Getting irritated, and depressed about trifle things for a longer period
3. Like to be aloof, or confused within social gatherings
4. Delusional or strange thoughts
5. Unable to complete daily work assignments
6. Dramatic mood swings
7. Appetite Changes (Inappropriate sleeping and eating habits)
8. Emotional outbursts (Strong attack of panic or anger)
9. Extreme feelings of being worthless or pointless existence (leading to suicidal attempts)
10. Substance abuse (Overdosage of alcohol or other drugs)

Well, honestly speaking, It wasn’t easy at all in the beginning. But I was committed to starting a new life with better thinking and relaxed personality. So with a lot of will power and through proper counselling, I managed to overcome my mental problems.

Here are few tips and tricks that I was advised to follow to triumph over my mental illness.

Psychoanalysis: First and foremost detailed psychoanalysis is a must. This is a method or treatment in which untold motivations or fears are explained that influence current thinking patterns, troublesome feelings and faulty actions.

Acceptance of your Feelings: There is no good in worrying about a problem without seeking for its solution. According to my experience acceptance of your unhealthy condition is the first step towards healthy living. This was the first tip given by my counsellor to resolve the issue, and it helped a lot on my journey.

Behaviour Therapy: This treatment includes relaxation training and keeping nerves calmed down to not to feel anxious and stretched out all the time. This therapy helped me a lot as I’ve felt changes in my thinking pattern and handling different situations. Overall, behaviour therapy help in stress management, streamlining your thoughts, relax your nerves and help to built a strong and decisive mind.

Cognitive Therapy: Cognitive therapy helped to straighten out confused thinking pattern. This includes identification of troublesome thoughts that leads to faulty actions and angry behaviour.

Music/ Art Therapy: Well, this was my favourite, so it helped me a lot. In this therapy specific music, art or any rhythmic action is used to make the patient expressive for his feelings and emotions. As I was not able to clearly explain my thoughts and past experiences, so this therapy proved to be of key importance.

music therapy

Group Therapy: Best way to resolve an issue is by talking it through. The basic purpose of group therapy is to make people share their experiences, thoughts, fears, and feelings, without being judged and in a confidential environment. It is a learning process, and you feel relaxed after speaking your heart out and listening to some similar stories. It gives encouragement, confidence and self-belief that “I can go through this”. The group is lead by a caring professional. There are several groups, and depending upon your mental health condition psychiatrist suggest one. Group therapy session could be prolonged or time limited. As I became isolated and was unable to start or actively participate in a conversation or activity, so these group therapy sessions proved to be of great help. Participation in group activities and doing well in almost all of them, really boost up my morale and value of my existence.

Medications: To eradicate all symptoms of an unhealthy mental condition, medications are also important along with other treatments. I was advised to take antianxiety agents, antipsychotics and mood stabilisers. These medications straighten out my mood swings and inappropriate eating habits. I felt much relaxed and calm that eventually increased my sleep.

No one in this world is free from worries or problems. So instead of blaming society, your near ones, or even yourself for your problematic life, try to resolve the issue. It is not that simple as it sounds, but a self-motivation to have a normal life is the key. Consult any good psychiatrist, state your situation honestly and go through his devised therapies and medication wholeheartedly. It is a must to lead a happy and relaxed life.

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